Totally Free Mac Software, No Strings, Offer Ends 11/12/2009

If you like free stuff (and who doesn’t) make a beeline over to for some free Mac software.

The folks at Mac Heist bundle interesting Mac software and make it available for a great low price. They do this a few times a year and have sold a boat load of software My guess is it gives smaller software companies the opportunity to gain some word of mouth marketing around their software.

This month, they are releasing their latest bundle totally free. It includes a number of cool programs including:

  • Shovebox
  • WriteRoom
  • Twitterriffic
  • TinyGrab
  • Hords of Orcs
  • and if they get 500,000 participants, Mariner Write

Head on over and get your free downloads today, only a few more days until the offer ends.

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