Using Font Book to Manage Fonts on Your Mac

Using Font Book

Font Book is an application included with OS X that lets you view and organize the fonts installed in your system. With Font Book, you can preview, add and remove fonts. In the video below, I show you how you can use Font Book to organize the fonts on your Mac.

Why would you need to add new fonts? There are thousands of free and paid fonts available on the Internet. Font Book makes them available for your to use in your applications

Starting Font Book

You can find Find Book in the Applications Folder on your Mac. Go to Go->Applications from the Finder or use your favorite application launcher to start Font Book.

Font Book is organized into three panes. The Collections pane, the Font pane and the Preview pane.

The Collections Pane shows you all of the fonts installed in your system grouped into collections. By default you can see an All Fonts Collection.

The Font pane shows a list of all the fonts in the selected Collection.

The Previvew pane shows you what the selected font looks like.

Installing a Font

Fonts are available from a number of paid and free resources. When you download a font it will typically end up in your “Downloads” folder. Open a Finder window and go to the Downloads folder. Double click on the font name and a preview of the font will open on the Desktop.

The preview window will show you what the font looks like. From here, you can click on the Install Font button to add it to Font Book. Once you add it to Font Book the font becomes available to other applications on your system.

Removing Fonts

You can remove the font by right clicking on it in Font Book and then selecting the Remove Font menu. When you do this the font is no longer available to the applications on your system.

Organizing Fonts

In addition to adding and removing fonts, you can also organize your fonts into collections.

From the File Menu select New Collection. This creates a folder in the Collections Pane. You can drag fonts from the Font window into this collection.

Another way to organize fonts is to create a Smart Collection. A Smart Collection will automatically organize fonts based on searches. For example, if you want to see all of the italic fonts installed on your Mac, create a Smart Collection that searches for the Style Name italic.

Disable Fonts

You can hide fonts from your system with Font Book too. This is a useful way to pair down the Fonts menu in your application by removing fonts that you’ll never actually use. Simply highlight a font, right click and select Disable.

Finding Fonts

There are a number of great font resources online. Here are some of my favorites

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