System Configuration – Where is the Right Mouse Button?

When we first setup our iMac, we looked at the sexy Mighty Mouse with a bit of confusion. Where are the buttons? We noticed a little scroll wheel on the top and some buttons on the side but the left and right mouse buttons seemed to be missing.

It only took us about 30 seconds to realize that the entire mouse is a button. When you want to click on something, push down on the mouse.

That left us with only one problem. We all are used to Windows and the right mouse button context menu? Why did they leave this out of OSX and the Mighty Mouse?

Well it turns our they didn’t. The Mighty Mouse has sensors that detect whether pressure on the button is coming from the left side or the right side. Very cool. All you need to do is configure it.

This brief instructional video shows you how to configure your mouse for both left and right buttons.

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