Share your songs around the house with iTunes 9

People have had a love hate relationship with iTunes since it’s inception. If you own an iPod you are pretty much tethered to using iTunes. If it didn’t have features you wanted too bad.

One feature that was missing for years is the ability to share files among multiple computers on your machine. Let me explain the scenario. If you and your wife have a Mac or in my case, you have three Macs in your house you may want to share songs on your iTunes library with her and vice-versa. To do this you had to share the appropriate music folders on the network, find the file, copy it to the new machine and import it into iTunes. Not an easy process.

With iTunes 9, Apple has finally offered a feature that should have been there since version 1.0, the ability to easily sync files between computers on your home network. This feature called Home Sharing is super easy to setup as you will see in this video from engadget.


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  1. monika on December 3, 2009 at 8:31 am

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