OSX Common Keyboard Shortcuts

I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts. For me, it’s a much more efficient way to use the computer. I can execute common tasks without lifting my hands from the keyboard.

I’m used to performing certain operations on Windows XP with the keyboard. There are equivalent commands in OSX. The table below lists some of the more common keyboard shortcuts.

General Keyboard Shortcuts
Command Windows Shortcut OSX Shortcut
Copy CTRL+C Command+C
Paste CTRL+V Command+V
Cut CTRL+X Command+X
Undo CTRL+Z Command+Z
Select All CTRL+A Command+A
Switch between the open items Alt+Tab Command+Tab
Find CTRL+F Command-F
Delete (Move to Trash) Del Command-Delete
Delete (Permantently) Shift+Del n/a
Shutdown Dialog Alt+F4 Ctrl+Eject

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