Organize Your Folders Like Nice Little Soldiers

I’m a fairly organized guy. No, I’m not some super neat freak but I do like things lined up neatly so that I can find them. My desk at home is pretty organized and I like to think my Mac is fairly organized too.

You can imagine then my dismay when I went to play some music this morning only to find this.

Oi vey, how do I straighten these up?

It’s like someone just took all my CDs and dumped them on the floor.

It took a little bit of digging but I figured out what to do. The secret lies in the view options window.

Cmd-J to bring up the View Options for the Finder window. You should see something like this screenshot.

Use View Options to organize your folder

Click on Sort By and change the value to Name and voilà you have an organized Finder window.

The magic of Sort By

The magic of Sort By

You can also sort by other properties, give it a try and feel happy knowing that Apple can help keep your OCD tendencies in check.

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