New version of Skype – Mac Video Conferencing on the Cheap

I frequently need to call overseas. I haven’t paid for these calls in years thanks to Skype. Skype has worked really well for me but hasn’t been updated in a while. At least not until recently.

Skype just launched version 2.8 of their OSX client software. In addition to bug fixes, this version adds improved audio and video quality, screen sharing and pay as you go Wi-Fi access.

You might wonder why you would use Skype when iChat has video conferencing built in. One word – interoperability. Skype runs on Windows and Macs plus a number of devices making it a great way to communicate cheaply with people around the world.

You can download it directly from the Skype website.

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Joe is the founder of Learning OS X. He's often spending way too much time playing with new Mac software in order to improve his ability at "Getting Things Done."


  1. mostly i used skype for chatting.but i do not know about this new version thanks to you for sharing your knowledge with the readers.i got very informative points.thanks i will try this next time seems very useful.

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