Navigate Your Files Faster with TextExpander

One of my favorite Mac applications is Text Expander. TextExpander allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for things that you type frequently.

For example, if you find yourself typing your address often you can create a TextExpander snippet assign it the keyword addr and everytime your type addr then your address will magically appear.

Over the course of a year, you can save some real time by not typing things over and over again.

You will find the more you use TextExpander the more you will find ways to save time.

If you find yourself navigating the filesystem often, you can use TextExpander to create a bunch of shortcuts to commonly used folders. These shortcuts work not only in the Terminal, but also in the “Go to” Finder Menu.

Thanks to Brett Terpstra for pointing this out. You can download a bunch of the snippets from his website. Or you can create your own.

I am a heavy Dropbox user, so I created a series of snippets to go to commonly used Dropbox folders.

Here they are:

  • ~dbox goes to ~/Dropbox
  • ~receipts goes to ~/Dropbox/Home/Receipts
  • ~lib goes to ~/Library
  • ~apps goes to ~/Library/Application Support

I can list a bunch more but you get the idea.

TextExpander is one of the essential tools that finds new ways into my workflow each day. If you use TextExpander and have any interesting snippets, please share them in the comments.

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