Never Forget Another Mac Keyboard Shortcut Again!

No sooner does the electronic ink dry on an article about Mac keyboard shortcuts do I come across a killer app that eliminates the need to ever post another Keyboard shortcut list.

The app I’m talking about is called Cheatsheet. With Cheatsheet you no longer have to hunt around for a list of keyboard shortcuts. All you need to do is hold down the Cmd key for two seconds. After two seconds you will see a window similar to the image below.

Cheatsheet for Mac application window

See the keyboard shortcuts for your currently running app.

Cheatsheet uses a little software wizardry to peek inside the running application to extract all of the keyboard shortcuts. It works like magic.

Not only is Cheatsheet great, it’s free!

Learning the keyboard shortcuts is a great way to boost your productivity on your Mac. This app makes it simple. Enjoy!

Do you know about any cool Mac productivity applications? Tell me about them in the comments.


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