Drive Your Mac Without Using a Mouse

LaunchBar is a kick ass OS X application. How’s that for a lead-in?

So now that I have your attention, I have to tell you about my new favorite OS X application. LaunchBar is a swiss army knife application launcher. If you have used Quicksilver to quickly launch applications on your Mac, you should know that the original author of Quicksilver now recommends LaunchBar.

LaunchBar gives you instant access to files, applications, bookmarks, address book entries, basically anything you might need quick access to throughout your day, all without lifting your hands from the keyboard.

Rather than spend time reinventing the wheel. This post shows some tutorials from the a German blogger which should give you some sense of the power of LaunchBar.

This first video gives you an overview of LaunchBar, compares it to Quicksilver and explores some of it’s main features.


For the rest of the series, check out his blog.

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