Get 50% off TextExpander this weekend

Happy Black Friday! For my readers outside the US Black Friday is the biggest retail shopping day in the US.

I just noticed in my inbox a great deal from Smile Software on their killer application Text Expander. From now until the December 2nd, you can get TextExpander for 50% off.

What is Text Expander? It’s one of the most essential Mac productivity tools you can own. Wow, that’s a pretty big claim but what does it really do?

Simply put, it allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for things that you type everyday. Type the short cut and it *expands* to replace the shortcut with the text.

What can you use it for?

I’ve written a couple of articles on Learning OS X that talk about Text Expander. Check them out

If you want to pickup a copy of Text Expander before the sale ends, click the link below.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Joe is the founder of Learning OS X. He's often spending way too much time playing with new Mac software in order to improve his ability at "Getting Things Done."


  1. Hi Joe. Nice article. I used to love this app too. I know your article and software here is obviously geared toward OS X but there are many IT pros that have to focus on all platforms. With that in mind I hope you do not mind me mentioning there is a similar application on the Windows platform that is called AutoHotKeys ( Both of these applications take a little setup time but they can be tremendous time savers in the long run. Keep the articles coming.

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