Free Software Plays Any Video

iTunes is a decent media player for OSX however, it’s not able to playback all types of video. One popular video format for files downloaded from the Internet is Divx. iTunes, just can’t handle it. Luckily there is a great freeware program, VideoLAN or VLC that can pretty much play any type of audio or video file you have lying about on your computer.

To learn more about it watch this video. After the video, follow the directions below to get started.


Here is how to quickly get up and running:

  1. Download VLC from the home page.
  2. If you use Safari, the DMG file will automatically mount when it is finished downloading, if not, go to your downloads folder and look for VLC-version.dmg and double click it.
  3. Open the mounted VLC volume and drag the VLC file into the Applications shortcut. This is the typical installation process for Mac applications. It will copy the file into your applications folder
  4. Open you Applications folder
  5. Double click on the VLC file to launch it.

When VLC launches, you are presented with a playlist window, you can either use the menu to open files or drag files into the playlist window. To start playback, click Play.

You now have an excellent iTunes alternative. If you’ve ripped your movie collection to your Mac, you can use VLC to playback the files. If you have any other cool users for VLC, post them here or into the forums.

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