DVD Player

Watching DVDs on your Mac is easy with the built in DVD player. You can launch it two ways.

1. Pop a DVD in your Super Drive and the DVD player launches.
2. Open the Applications folder and click the DVD Player icon.

The DVD Player has an on screen “remote control” that has a button layout similar to a real DVD player. It’s shown below.

However, if you are a real power user, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to control the DVD player.

Transport Controls

If you want to play or pause the DVD player you can do so by pressing the Space Bar. You can fast forward and rewind the DVD by pressing Shift-Command-Right Arrow and Shift-Command-Left Arrow. If you just press the left and right arrows, you can jump backward and forward a chapter.

The volume is controlled by pressing Command-Up Arrow and Command-Down Arrow. You can Mute and Unmute the volume with Option-Command-Down Arrow.

You can go into full screen mode by pressing Command-F. You can bring up the Main Menu by pressing Command-~ (It’s the upper left key of most keyboards).

Finally, the DVD player application has built in support for the Apple Remote that is shipped with some iMac and Macbook computers.

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