Drag and Drop in Finder Stopped Working

mac toolsIf you spend anytime on this site, you know that I am a Windows XP to Mac OSX convert. I generally espouse how awesome a Mac is because it always just works. Well, a bit of kink in the armor came today when I tried creating a new demo video and could not get drag and drop to work.

I tried to take files from a Finder window and drag them onto the desktop. When I began to drag, I expected to see the green plus icon over the application icon. Didn’t happen. I tried numerous with various destinations and still couldn’t get it to work.

I became more concerned when I tried to copy and paste a file between folders.

Thankfully, things are back to normal now. My solution? Restart the computer. It’s as good advice for a poorly behaving Mac system as it is for Windows. Rebooting the system solved the problem.

I think I was stumped for so long because I rarely need to reboot the system because of a problem. That was usually my goto response for a problem in Windows XP or Vista. So class, the lesson is remember to restart your system if something is behaving poorly. It’s a good first step to solving your Mac problems yourself.

Do you have any goto troubleshooting advice? Please share it here.

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