Dashboard Keeps Information at Your Fingertips

Dashboard is an application that is used to display mini applications known as widgets. Think of these widgets as little helpers that provide you information at the push of a button.

The Dashboard program runs at system startup and is hidden in the background until you activate it. When you do, the desktop dims and the widgets float into view on top of the applications. OS X comes with some default widgets for displaying the time, calendar, control iTunes, the Weather, sports scores, etc. In addition, 3rd party developers also make widgets that you can download and install into your system.

You can typically invoke the Dashboard in three ways:

  • Key press – pressing F4 on your Mac keypard, or F12 if you are using a Macbook
  • Clicking the Dashboard Dock icon
  • Moving the mouse to a corner of your desktop. This only works if you have setup the System preferences to allow it.

You can move a widget by clicking it and dragging it around the desktop.

You can close a widget by pressing the Option key and moving the mouse over the widget. When you do, an X will appear. Click it and the widget goes away.

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