Close Mac Programs that Stop Responding

If you are coming from the world of Windows, you are intimately familiar with Control Alt Delete. The infamous three finger salute. You probably use this keyboard combination far too often when you have a program that has locked up your system.

While Mac systems seem to be a lot more stable, there is an occasion where you might need to kill a program that is hung. Doing so is easy with the Force Quit dialog that is built into the Finder.

You can invoke Force Quit two ways, with the Option+Command+Escape key or through the Force Quit menu option under the Apple Menu.

Either way, you are presented with a dialog that looks like the one below.

Kill your runaway processes.

Kill your runaway processes.

Simply choose the offending program, click Force Quit and you are back on your way. The nice thing about the OSX system is a bad program usually won’t crash your entire operating system.

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