Can’t reinstall an app from the app store?

I recently manually deleted an application that was installed from the Mac App Store. Now, I want to reinstall it.

I’ve spent about 15 minutes scouring the internet for a solution. I haven’t found one yet. However, if you come across the advice to put the App Store in debug mode using the line:

defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true
 don’t bother. It doesn’t work in macOS versions Sierra or higher.
You might also come across directions to delete the cache folder located here:


Nope, that doesn’t work either.

Here’s what ultimately worked for me. This comes courtesy of the website Chris Writes.

  1. Close the App Store
  2. Run the following commands in a terminal
  3. Re-open the app store.
killall storeaccountd
killall storeassetd
killall storedownloadd
killall storeinappd

In his article, he also talks about removing caches associated with those processes. I didn’t have to do this.

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