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1Password IconWhen you create accounts on a website, it’s important to use unique passwords on those sites. There are many tragic examples of stolen passwords on one hacked website used to gain access to another site. I, like most people do not always follow best practices.

I’ve mentioned before how much I like
the 1Password password manager product. One of it’s great features is that it will create unique, secure passwords that you can use when creating accounts online.

While this feature is great, it becomes a hassle when you need to access a website from a remote machine. How do you retrieve your password?

The 1Password blog revealed that they are going to provide a solution to access your key chain anywhere in 1Password 3. The feature called Anywhere will allow you to have access to your key chain from anywhere on the Internet.

Rather than keep your key chain on a website, 1Password Anywhere assumes that you will manage the location of the key chain yourself. If you are traveling, you can store your key chain inside a Dropbox or on a USB drive. The point is, Anywhere only will decrypt the key chain eliminating a potential security hole of having your keychain stored on their website.

It’s a cool feature I’m looking forward to trying. In the meantime, this video shows you how it works.

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  1. I wish I had Mac to make use of this wonderful application. I register to more than 100 sites every week and Its really hard for me to remember the passwords and username. I have tried several applications with windows and browser based apps also, but still i end up forgetting password.

  2. wow!
    great application, I just wonder why they dont have for windows.

    nice share.

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