How do I turn off the volume sound on my Mac?

sound preferences paneI just came across a really neat tip that solves a problem that kind of drives me crazy. When you adjust the volume of your Mac using the keyboard it makes a little doink sound as the volume goes up or down. I’ve rarely found this useful although I guess is you weren’t sure if your sound was working it’s nice to get a little confirmation. Basically though, I think it’s kind of annoying.

You can silence the sound two ways.

Your first option is to hold down the Shift key while adjusting the volume with the keyboard. The second option is through the System Preferences Sound Preference Pane. Launch the Preference Pane and click Sound Effects. Then, de-select “Play feedback when volume is changed.” Doink is now gone.

Once you’ve turned off the sound effects in the Preference pane holding shift while adjusting the volume will play the sound.

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