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I am always looking for a better way to manage my contacts. The Mac and iOS Contacts App leave much to be desired. I just came across Interact, a contact manager from Greg Pierce, the guy behind Drafts.

This one might be worth taking a spin.

Do more with your contacts! Interact helps you create, organize, and communicate with your contacts in ways that just haven’t been possible before. It’s built to help you do more in less time and flex for the way you work.

Source: Interact | Agile Tortoise

OS X Automation Swiss Army Knife

I spend an unhealthy amount of time tweaking my Mac. I think if I was born in the 50s I would totally be that guy who spends all his time tinkering with his car. In my never-ending quest to setup my Mac in the best way possible I stumbled upon a number of tools that […]

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Safari Updates the Clear Browser History

Safari and all other web browsers give you the ability to clear your browser history. Sometime over the last year it appears that Apple has updated Safari to allow you to clear your history based on periods of time. Now, you can just clear your browser history for the last hour. This is really handy […]

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Re-run the Setup Assistant on OS X Mavericks

I recently needed to install OS X Mavericks on an old iMac. To make sure that everything was fine I ran the machine through the full Setup Assistant — setting up a user with my name in the process. Rather than reloading Mavericks on the iMac to clean it off, I did a quick Google […]

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How do I turn off the volume sound on my Mac?

sound preferences pane

I just came across a really neat tip that solves a problem that kind of drives me crazy. When you adjust the volume of your Mac using the keyboard it makes a little doink sound as the volume goes up or down. I’ve rarely found this useful although I guess is you weren’t sure if […]

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